Profit! is designed to be a fast and fun game. Each game takes 10-15 minutes. The player with the most profitable stores wins the game.

To start the game each player draws three cards.

The player who says ENTREPRENEURSHIP first begins.

Players draw a card before each turn. During a turn you can play one card. With this card you can do one of the following:

  • Open a store
  • Upgrade a store 
  • Block other player(s) 
  • Win a store on the open market

Besides that you can use your turn to trade cards with other players. You can choose to make a public or private trade.

The game ends when all cards are drawn or when one of the players has four open stores. The player with the most points wins the game.

During our tests in classrooms we found that young players love to collaborate and help other players. Whilst playing with our own friends (aged 30 years and older) we witnessed brutal competition. It goes to show that Profit! can be played in many different ways.

Play the game and you'll discover your entrepreneurial style!

These rules will help you get on your way, but if you get stuck, be creative or.. send us a message:


Tom & Thomas

On this page you will find an extended explanation video shortly.



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